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Emergencies happen, but help is now only a phone call or email away. On Call International® offers a suite of services to help you in your time of need — from small inconveniences like losing your luggage to life-threatening situations — all delivered with a caring, human touch.

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Find comfort in knowing you and your loved ones are protected by the Travel Assistance benefit when traveling more than 100 miles from home for business or leisure. The Travel Assistance benefit protects you when covered under a OneAmerica® company group life insurance policy. It also extends coverage to your spouse, domestic partner and children (under 21 or 25 and living at home as a full-time student) even when they are traveling without you. The Travel Assistance benefit requires no additional premium; however, exclusions do apply.

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Medical assistance and transportation services

  • Pre-trip plan to provide up-to-date information regarding required vaccinations, health risks, travel restrictions and weather conditions.

  • Medical monitoring and review of documentation utilizing professional case managers and medical professionals to ensure appropriate care is received.

  • 24-hour nurse help line to provide clinical assessment, education and general health information.

  • Replacement of prescriptions and eyeglasses that have been lost or stolen by consulting with the prescribing provider to transfer prescription to or arranging an appointment with a local provider.

  • Medical, behavioral or mental health, dental and pharmacy referrals to assist in finding care providers and medical facilities.

  • Coordination of benefits by requesting health information from the participant and attempting to coordinate benefits during an active travel assistance case.

  • Emergency medical evacuation to arrange and coordinate air and/or ground transportation and medical care during transportation to the nearest hospital where appropriate care is available.

  • Medical repatriation to arrange the transport of the participant with a qualified medical attendant, if medically necessary, to their residence or home hospital.

  • Return of remains to arrange the transportation of a participant’s remains to their home in the event of their death while traveling.

Travel assistance services

  • Pre-trip information

  • 24/7 emergency travel arrangements

  • Translator and interpreter referral

  • Emergency travel funds assistance

  • Legal consultation and referral

  • Lost or stolen travel documents assistance

  • Emergency messaging

  • Lost luggage assistance

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